Over the years, we’ve compiled some of the most talked about topics and frequently asked questions to ensure that your upcoming St Paddy’s day plans are a breeze. Where to find a four leaf clover? How tall is the average leprechaun? And oh, any cool parties taking place? Every year, we get asked the same questions over and over again. So we’ve decided to make it simple for you to know everything you need in order to make the smart choice for St Paddy’s weekend. Get answers to your questions fast! Answers to questions pertaining to ticket discounts, party destinations, cruise options, and much more can be found right here. If there is a question left unanswered, feel free to reach out to us directly through our contact us page.

Customer FAQ

With over a decade of event planning experience, rest assured that events by EnjoyStPatricksDay.com and our parent company, EnjoyNightlife.com, is always poised to pay attention to detail and take customer satisfaction into the creation of our events.
“Open Bar” means that your drinks are included in the cost of your admission ticket. Drinks from the bar will be unlimited during the duration of the event or the time listed for the Open Bar package. There are different types of open bar options which include “Top Shelf Open Bar” and “Premium Open Bar” which gives you the option of ordering the best brand name alcohol available, such as Johnny Walker, Patron, Tito's among others. If you feel as though you're in for some heavy drinking with the buddies on this Saint Paddy's - an open bar package may be the way to go.
We employ a very secure payment system that uses https/SSL encryption. The security of your transaction as well as the sense of security when you shop from our website is very important to us. We do not disclose any information you enter into our system to any third party vendors. Through encryption we are assured and can assure you, that your credit card information is safe. We've heard of thousands of fraudulent credit card cases, we have heard of those cases as well. That is why we take extra care to protect your security. There are also cases where companies trade or sell their clients personal information to others. We protect against this, by securing your data. We have taken all the necessary steps secure your personal and banking information. We know you will trust only the best security and so that is what we offer.
The closer it gets to St Paddy's weekend, the more expensive the cost of tickets will become. If you are purchasing multiple tickets, you will save a lot more than you would if you buy the tickets closer to the event date. We highly recommend buying tickets for any St Patrick's Day event you may be interested in, at least two weeks in advance. There are many events which sell out every year.
The availability of group discounts depends on many different factors. These factors include the event you want to attend, the amount of tickets you are purchasing and the package you wish to purchase. We are always actively and diligently trying to get you great group discounts. Group discounts are usually offered to groups containing six (6) or more persons. This discount often ranges from 3% to 12%. Discounts depend greatly on the date of your purchase, because the cost of the ticket will rise as it gets closer to the date of the event. If your hope is to get a very effective discount, we recommend buying tickets well in advance of the event that your group wishes to attend. We are here to serve you to the best of our ability. Choose your event, select your group option and relish your discount.
Now, this is an easy one! When it comes to Saint Paddy's, the dress code is undoubtedly GREEN! Anything green usually is acceptable. Obviously, we all want to dress up and get creative. However, depending on the event itself, there may be certain restrictions with how outlandish you are allowed to get with your outfit. Contact us regarding specific dress codes pertaining to the events you may be interested in.
If you're fortunate enough to live in a city or travel to a city this St Patrick's Day that has a water route for cruising, then you're in luck. You will have the added option of choosing from a St Patrick's Day cruise. Many people don't yet know the wonders associated with floating along a yacht on St Paddy's. The few who have discovered this wonder are flooding ticket booths as soon as the cruise dates are announced. If a cruise sounds like it will suit you, do not wait around too long. Cruises are quickly becoming popular. Whichever city you are planning to celebrate in, you should check out the cruises being offered and select the one that best suits you in advance. Enjoy the breathtaking skyline views of your city while dressed in your best leprechaun attire.